Heroes required

Humans have pushed Earth to breaking point. The future is bleak for many species, including humans. Can you make a difference? Little changes in life might not seem much but they can be. This blog aims to put forward suggestions that everyone can take on to help.

Before you carry on, remember, this is about helping the earth, and all of natures creatures. Positive action is required - not words, not good intentions, not prayers. Create, not destroy. Work together, not against.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Straw Poll

Plastic straws = bad. We know that. It's pretty obvious. To be honest, I've never liked the idea of them. Even as a kid I would think why are we using something once and then chucking it in the bin.

So, papers straws are making a comeback and they're stronger than even. Whoopee.

The thing is. It's still something you'll use once and chuck in the bin.

So, here's the question. A straw poll of sorts. Ask yourself, do you really need a straw?

Next time you've got a "Big Mac Attack" don't ask for a straw for your fizzy drink. If they offer it just politely decline. If you really need a straw, then bring your own. It's the first two parts of the old mantra; >Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Multipack Wrap

I like a bargain. Who doesn't? So, when I'm scouring the shelves of the local supermarket/shop and see a pack of four tins of beans bundled together for less than the cost of buying four individual tins of beans, well, I am sold!

However, I really really really really don't like the fact that the tins are bundled together this way. Yes, it's convenient to grab hold of, and saves a few seconds when packing the shopping, however, I despise the additional packaging. It is totally unnecessary. It would be better if we could just pick up 4/6/24 tins/cans/whatever  and get the discount at the till. After all, shops have highly sophisticated tills these days. Surely they can tell that 4 tins of beans were scanned and apply a discount. Jeez, they can I've bought a sandwich, a packet of crisps and a bottle of pop for a meal deal. It's the same principal.

The same goes for the awful polythene ring packaging for multi-packs of cans of cola and beer.

Some manufacturers have been looking at alternative options like biodegradable rings or gluing cans/tins together. But I still think this is an unnecessary step. Yes, the main purpose is to encourage buying of multi-packs by making them convenient and cheaper, but I'm pretty sure the "cheaper" part is the winner when most people are concerned. And guess what? Reducing the packaging costs by not having stuff in multi-pack packaging makes it cheaper for the manufacturers. Can I get a "Win win"?

Monday, April 22, 2019


Groan! My tummy is full of chocolate Easter eggs. The feeling of guilt from the glutinous act of scoffing so much choccy goodness in a short space of time is nothing in comparison to the guilt we should all feel about the impact on the environment from all that packaging, not to mention the cost to the planet from a) deforestation for agriculture of cocoa or transportation of chocolate world-wide.

In the UK packaging has reduced in many cases, with plastic protective packaging being absent from many high-street-bought eggs. Cardboard packaging can of course be recycled, but did you know that the foil can be too? Check with your local recycling service but you should be able to put clean chocolate egg foil in the recycling bin. The advice we've read suggest rolling it in to a ball first before popping in to the recycling bin.

However, there's further choices you may want to consider to be a bit more environmentally freindly. Firstly, does the egg you've bought contain additional sweets/chocolates? Many larger eggs will, and these extra treats are likely to have plastic packaging. Avoid this if you can. Why not email the manufacturer suggesting they replace the packaging with recyclable materials. In the first place vote with your pennies and try to avoid buying products with non-recyclable packaging.

Here's our check-list to make your Easter egg a bit more environmentally friendly:-

  • Does it have any obvious plastic packaging?
  • Does it have extra sweets/treats - if so, are these in a recyclable package?
  • Can you buy an egg with no packaging (except foil)?
  • Can you buy a chocolate egg made locally (likely to a lower carbon footprint due to lower transportation cost, and helps local economy)

Oi! Chocolate Egg Confectioners! 

Here's a few suggestions for you to make your confectionery more eco-friendly:-
  • Reduce packaging to the minimum and make sure 100% biodegradable
  • Incentives for buyers to recycle
  • Don't include plastic toys with your confectionery
  • Don't include sweets or extra chocolates in your packages. 
  • Seriously - do we need mugs, egg cups etc? Most of these novelty gifts will be unused and eventually end up in the bin. 
  • How about looking at reducing the transportation costs of eggs - here's some ideas
    • selling half-half eggs (with the shell in two pieces hat can be connected together)
    • making eggs smaller but thicker so same value for money
    • different shapes (squares, rectangles) that can be stacked more efficiently